Inga Rumpenhorst Translation & Localization

Language is my passion.

Localization is my vocation.

Excellence is my promise.

A passion for language


Being a translator means having a passion for language. It means not simply being satisfied with translating any given word or sentence from the source to the target language, but also placing a high value on contextual meaning, on cultural adaptation, and on capturing the voice of the author. This art is the service which I provide in my translations.

Translation and localization



So what sets me apart from other translators? Coming from a background of literary scholarship, I rely on my instinct for language and my experience with literature when translating. As a consequence, my translations have a feeling of flowing naturally, and they come with the added advantage of being based on a broad cultural, historical, and political knowledge of the German, American, and British cultures.



Other services



If you have a text which has already been written or translated, but need someone to have a thorough look as to its spelling, grammar, syntax, consistency, and overall style, I provide proofreading, editing, and revision services.


If you have a general idea for a particular topic, tagline, web page, brochure, advertisement, blog, or something similar, and want someone to transform it into an appealing, flowing text for you, I also offer copywriting services.


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